Our Process

A brief summary of the process once your property is damaged by a storm:

1. We inspect the Exterior/Interior of your property for damage that would be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

2. Once insured damage is determined, you will make the initial call to the insurance company to open a claim. We are there to assist you in any way needed.

3. Your insurance company will give you a claim number which you will need to give to Horizon Exteriors so we can include it in your file. It is important to let us know as soon as your insurance company schedules your adjustment.

4. We will meet with the insurance adjuster at your property and go over the damage together so everyone has a complete understanding of the work to be done. If the adjusters does not agree with the work we propose, we will work with them on your behalf to make sure that all necessary repairs are covered.

5. After your insurance company approves the work, we will proceed with the materials selection.

6. Once the materials come in, we will complete the repairs to your property.

7 Upon completion of the project, we will send the insurance company a final invoice so they know the job is finished and that it is ok to release the remainder of the funds, if any, to you.

8. This last insurance check will be used for your final payment to Horizon Exteriors.